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Chef Buttons - Chefs Jacket Buttons

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Chef Jacket Stud Buttons

Questions asked about Chef Jacket Buttons :

- Is the item durable ? Thy are made of plastic and the ball shaped design makes them strong.

- Is this item easy to use ? They simply pop in and pop out of the chefs jacket.

- What are the dimensions of this item ? Fits All Jackets - 11 mm ball with an 18 mm base.

What is the Meaning of Colored Chef Buttons ?

Chefs buttons come in a variety of colours. Traditionally white are worn by cooks and apprentices, and black were reserved for qaulified chefs, but usually the head chef and in some circumstances the sous chef.

A Head Chef or Executive Chef whom is in charge of the kitchen generally wears black buttons and black pants.

Most kitchens are pretty relaxed about what colour buttons you wear on your uniform. The exception being hotels and corporate style kitchens. Management usually dictate uniform policy and will insist only certain colours of may be worn whilst on shift.

Hotels, resturants, cafes and other commercial kitchens have specially designed custom uniforms. Open plan kitchens where the customers can see into the kitchen and watch their meals being prepared are such kitchens customized uniforms are common. Many catering managers want their chefs to look trendy and on par with the percieved branding of the establishment.

Gaining in popularity are personalised designs such as skulls, chillis and many other custom designs. Most chefs still continue to wear white or black buttons. Cool chefs in some establishments like gold or silver. Other coloured buttons include red, blue, purple, yellow, green, brown, aqua, or pink.

Button strips are used to secure buttons. Button strips are a thin piece of material with 10 button holes. The button strip is for easy button removal at the end of shift. Buttons tend to be left in uniforms and placed straight in the washing machine after a shift. This can be detrimental causing them to break or get lost in the process.

Studs fit into the jacket button holes, usually 10 per jacket. The chefs jacket is double breasted providing two layers of protection.This is to enable chefs to quickly remove their jacket if hot oil or liquid is spilt onto it. Additionally a bib apron is also worn to protect chefs againts spills and hot liquids, and to keep the jacket clean making it easy to wash.

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Perfect for the replacemnet of damaged and lost Buttons

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