Digital Kitchen Timer

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Discover the Best Digital Kitchen Timer.

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Large LCD Display.

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Loud Timer Alarm.

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Countdown / Counts Up.

When you look at all the kitchen timers available to buy online it can be confusing to work out what is the best kitchen timer to buy and will it be suitable for your requirements.

This is the best timer to purchase and is a perfect kitchen timer that is ideal for cooking, exercise, gym workouts, sports, games, homework, and classroom activities and more.

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Magnetic or Free Standing.

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Easy to Operate.

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Multi Purpose / Durable.

Durablity and quality makes this the best kitchen timer you will ever purchase featuring a LARGE easy to read digital display that can be easily and convieniently seen from across the room.

The digital cooking timer will revert automatically back to the clock function which can be displayed in standard 12 hr time or military style 24 hr time.

This stylish large digital timer features a strong magnet that will attach to a fridge or any other magnetic surface. The cooking timer can be placed on a desk or bench in a free standing position.

The LOUD timer alarm can easily be heard from a fair distance away, or even from another room

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Perfect Egg Timer

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Suitable for Commercial Kitchens

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Great Around the House

This Digital Kitchen Timer can easily be used as an egg timer for perfect boiled eggs everytime.

The timers function can count down or count up depending on your requirements.

It features large easy to push buttons for one handed operation.

The kitchen timer is easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

Power supply : AG13 Batteries included

Dimensions : 82 x 70 x 20 mm

LCD size : 6.2 cm x 3.7 cm

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Comments and Reviews

Tony I use it for timing my studying sessions and timing presentations I'm practicing, and general time keeping/productivity in my day. It's WAY too loud for me (but then again it's a digital kitchen timer, so you probably want it to be decently loud).

Barbara They are super easy to use, they have large numbers that can be seen across the room and they are perfect for what I use them for.

Keith I needed a large display for my exercise machines, and I needed a ten minute stop watch or counter to keep track of the minutes and seconds for my new high intensity interval training.

Sarah It is easy to use and it's a loud alarm, so you won't miss your time.

Matt This was perfect for me. I needed countdown timers for my photography darkroom.

Alex Works great... and the digits are quite large. Much larger than I expected and larger than the other digital timers I had purchased for managing kids and cooking tasks.

Karen I bought one for my mother in law and a second for my kitchen. Easy to operate and loud enough to hear from another room.

Cathy They stick and don't slide down the fridge, they are loud enough to be heard over the grill hoods, large print and very easy to use.

Amanda These are good for the kitchen as well as my classroom. I time the students tests and their fun time as well. I use it my kitchen to time eggs , baking etc.

Ken Easy to use and seems to be better quality than some other timers I have used.

Matthew Arrived on time and as expected, and they work great. I like the large display. They seem durable. I bought for our business because we run timed events.

Brad Great product, as described. Battery included was handy! Fast Post

How to use / adjust - Operating Insturctions

1. insert battery - device displays clock mode.

2. in clock mode press start/stop button one time to change to count down timer.

3. press M, S and start/stop buttons simultaneously to return to clock mode.

4. in clock mode, press S button to change from 12 hr to 24 hr display.

5. press M button to enter minute setting, and press S button to adjust minutes.

6. press M button one more time and clock setting will appear.

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Simon - Event Food Service

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